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Acid  [ Chemistry ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of reacting with a base to form a salt.  
A molecule with a positively charged hydrogen that it is capable of donating (A proton donor; i.e. a reducing agent; an electron pair acceptor).

Acidity: the strength (concentration of hydrogen [H+] ions) of an acidic substance; measured as pH.

Acidify: Make acidic by adding an acid. In most cases when we say acidify we mean lower the pH to pH 7 or less.

Acidic  [ Chemistry - Agronomy -Pedology  ]
  The condition of water or soil that contains an excess of acids, or hydrogen ions (H+) Having a pH less than 7. The opposite of basic.

In general it is defined acidic any substance which contains hydrogen and which dissolves in water to produce one or more hydrogen ions. A lemon is acidic. Acidity is commonly measured using the pH scale.
Acidic soils are those that have a high amount of exchangable hydrogen ions (H+) that can be rendedered free or active in the soil solution by cation exchange. Acidic soils have a low pH (less than 7.0).






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