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(1) Autogamy   Botany  ]
Synonyms: Self-fertilisation
Antonyms: Allogamy
Adjective: Autogamous or Autogamic

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  The autogamy or self-fertilization is the fertilisation of a flower by its own pollen.  
Epithelantha micromeris Autogamy is sometimes referred to as self pollination, but this is not a true synonymous with autogamy. Precision requires that the term self pollination be restricted to those plants that accomplish pollination without an external pollinator. Most autogamous plant  need the intervention of pollinator to transfer the pollen from the anther to the stigma of the flower because are unable to self-pollinate.


Left: Epithelantha micromeris an autogamous cactus that don't need cross-pollination for the production of fruit and seeds.


(2) Autogamy  [ Biology ]
  The union of nuclei within and arising from a single cell, as in certain protozoans (eg: Paramecium) and fungi  
The autogamy is the "fertilization" between two daughter gametes of the same gametocyte. Typically this occurs without complete separation. That is, the nucleus of the diploid or tetraploid gametocyte divides without DNA synthesis and without complete cytokinesis (complete separation of daughter cells). The resulting cell then behaves like a zygote resulting from fertilization.


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