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(1) Biological    [ Biology ]
also Biologic plural Biologicals)

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Pertaining to, caused by, living beings: relating to, or affecting life living organism.  
(for example biological diversitybiological types, biological processes such as growth and photosynthesis etc.)
(2) Biological [ Biology ]
  Relating to the science of biology.  
(3) Biological [ Chemistry- Biochemistry]
  The term biological refers also to a preparation or chemical compound that is synthesized from living organisms or their products  
For example certain plants hormones like gibberellins or important medication from living organisms like vaccine and diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic agent)
(4) Biological Cultivation [ Agronomy - Horticulture ]
  The biologic or biological cultivation is a method of cultivation which excludes harmful chemicals products and fertilizers for plant protection.  
The defence of farming (biologic agriculture) and cultivation occurs only with natural cultivation techniques.





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