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(1) Collection   [ Taxonomy ]
Abbreviation: colln.

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The collection is the act or process of collecting or of gathering  scientific samples (for example plants specimens) to be seen, studied, classified, nominated or kept together  
(2) Collection
  Also applied to the act of collecting wild plants for traditional uses (like medicinal plants or wild fruit) or for resale (like wholesale of rare and valuable plants coveted by collectors)  
The act of collecting rare plants and animals in excess is called over-collection,  it may be a serious threat to wild plants and habitats.
(3) Collection
  A collection is any group of items held by collector, museums and institution that has one or more properties in common. For example a collection of plants, stamps, paintings etc. Which are collected, showed or studied for their interest, value, or beauty.  





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