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Carpel   [ Botany ] Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names
  It is the fundamental unit of the female part of the flower (gynoecium) formed from one highly modified leaf, comprises an ovary, a receptive stigma, and often a stalk-like style between them.  
Derived from the Greek word karpos ( καρπος ) = fruit.  

A carpel may be a solitary simple carpel (and then the terms gynoecium and pistil are synonymous) or part of a compounded or fused carpel. Its base forms the
ovary, containing one or more ovules. The ovary, when pollinated, and the ovules successfully fertilized, culminates in a fruit whit seeds.
A single free carpel or several fused carpels form the
The single or numerous pistils of a flower in their ensemble represent the gynoecium.


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