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(1) Characteristic  (Character)

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A characteristic is a prominent aspect of something, a distinguishing measurable, physical, chemical, visual, functional recognizable quality, property, feature, or capability.  
(2) Characteristic [ Biology ]
  In biology a characteristic is any feature of an organism or of an organ that can be measured, counted or otherwise assessed.  
(4) Characteristic (Genetic character)   [ Genetics ]
Synonym: Genetic attributes
  In genetic character is a feature  that is the expression of a gene or group of genes,  An attribute resulting from the interaction of a gene or genes with environment.  
(3) Characteristic ( Population characteristic )  [ Ecology ]
  In ecology a population characteristic is something we want to estimate about a population.  
Common examples of population characteristics are totals and averages for variable like the age, dimension, sex, fertility, reproduction rate, death rate etc)


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