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(1) Clone     [ Biology ]
Synonym: Vegetative offspring

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  In biology, a clone is a genetically identical group of of organism (e.g. plant, animal, cells, or molecular segments) whose genetic information is identical to that of a single "mother organism" or cell or molecular segment from which they are direct descendants by some kind of asexual reproduction.  

The term clone derives From the Greek word klōn meaning "twig".

See also: Vegetative offspring
(2) Clone    [ Botany ]
  In botany, a clone is the direct descendants of a single parent plant by vegetative reproduction, for example, bulb, cuttings or grafts, or experimentally from a single cell.  
(3) Clone  [ Horticulture ]
  In horticulture: a clone is one of the descendants of a single plant, produced by some process of vegetative propagation.  
For examples a branch or other organ  that has been cut of from a mother plant below an internode and rooted, a cutting or a plant derived from micropropagation.
 Many plant cultivars are clones, having been derived from a single individual.





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