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Clump  [ Botany ]
Synonym: Cluster
Adjective: Clumpy

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A clump or cluster is mass; a lump, a thick group of growing things, as of trees, bushes or basal shoots. For example a clump of moss)  
To clump (Intransitive and transitive verb: past clumped, past participle clumped, present participle clumping, 3rd person present singular clumps)
  To gather, to combine things  into mass or form lumps or thick groupings of something.  
Clumping habit  [ Botany - Morphology ]
Clump forming, Clustering habit, Clumpy, Offsetting
Epithelantha micromeris ssp. polycephalaA clumping or clustering  habit is a vegetative features that describe a  plant whit lots of basal shoots forming a tight or open clumps or groups.

Left: A clump (cluster) of Epithelantha micromeris ssp. polycephala





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