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(1) Collector [ Taxonomy ]
Abbreviation: coll.

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A collector is the person(s) or entity responsible for the accession of newly acquired biological material (living plants, seeds etc.) found in the course of a site visit that occurred at a specific place (locality).  
The collector make a formal record of an addition to a collection ( the field number list) The collector name is the name of who picked the specimen(s).
(2) Collector
  A collector is somebody who collects something of a particular type for their interest, value, or beauty.  
For example a Cactus collector, a stamp collector etc...
(3) Collector
  Also applied to the persons who pick up wild plants for traditional uses (like medicinal plants or wild fruit) or for resale (like wholesale or contraband of rare and valuable plants coveted by plants collectors)  

The act of collecting rare plants and animals in excess is called over-collection,  it may be a serious threat to wild plants and habitats.





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