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Diffuse  (Adj.)     [ Botany  ]
Adverb: Diffusely
Noun: Diffuseness, Diffusion

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Widely spread or scattered; not localized or confined. Lacking a distinct border.
Spread out. Opposite of concentrated or contained, or localised.

Especially used in botany  to describe plant parts or organs open and much branched, widely spread.

Left: a diffuse root system (synonym: fibrous root system)


(1) Diffusion   [ Ecology - Biology ]
Synonym: Dissemination or Dispersal)
  The property of being diffused or dispersed  

Especially used in botany and ecology to indicate plant, seed or pollen dissemination or dispersal.

In ecology a diffuse distribution indicate plants widely spread or scattered over an area, not concentrated in a definite and delimited place.

In cell biology, diffusion is described as a form of  "passive transport", by which substances cross throughout membranes.

(2) Diffusion  [ Chemistry - Physics]
  1. CHEMISTRY: Diffusion is movement of molecules, atoms or ions of liquids and gases from their region of higher concentration to their region of lower concentration until it is same throughout the given space.

    In general the diffusion is the passage of particles through a material from an area of high concentration to a region of low concentration resulting in an even distribution particles. The phenomenon is readily observed when a drop of coloured water is added to clear water, or when smoke from a chimney dissipates into the air. In these cases, diffusion is the result of turbulent fluid motion rather than chemical reactions or the application of external force.
    For example: When perfume is spilt in one corner of a room its fragrance spreads all over the room.
  2. PHYSICS: Diffusion is the spreading of  radiation, heat, or sound  across a fluid or solid medium in a direction tending to equalize concentrations in all parts of the system.
    For example: Scattering of light rays trough a frosted glass or a translucent body or membrane.





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