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(1) Endemic [ Ecology  ]
Adverb: Endemically
Noun: Endemicity
Noun: Endemism

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The word endemic, in a broad sense, indicate belonging to, peculiar to, or prevalent in a particular region, race, field, or environment. Originating where it is found.  
For example: Cactaceae family is said to be endemic (or autochthonous) of Americas

See also: native, autochthonous, indigenous
(2) Endemic [ Biology - Ecology ]
  Endemic in biology and ecology indicate of  plant or animals exclusively native or confined  to a particular region, place or biota.  
Endemic is in contrast to any one of a number of words meaning "not native" (e.g., adventive, exotic, introduced, naturalized, non-native). On the other hand it is also differentiated from indigenous. A species that is endemic is exclusive to that place or region, found naturally nowhere else. A species that is indigenous is native, but not unique because it is also native to other places as well. 

Generally the word endemic implies a distinct geographical unit, like an island, a lake, a highland, a country or other defined or isolated area .
The restricted area where endemic species are found is often vulnerable to the depredations of man and introduced species mean that endemics all too easily can become extinct.
(3) Endemic [ Medicine - Epidemiology ]
  In medicine and epidemiology, an infection or disease is said to be "endemic" when constantly present to greater or lesser extent in a particular region.  





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