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Feathery [ Botany - Biology  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms:  Feathered, Plumose, Plumate, Plumed, plume-like.
  1. (Zoology) Having feathers or plumes.
(BIology/Botany) Having a feather growths; feathered.
(BIology/Botany) Resembling a plume; often from long dense pubescence,        feathery.
The term Feathery (plumose) is used in botany to describe a plant which is feathery in appearance often from long dense pubescence or having an ornamental plume or feathery tuft.

A plumose organ is plant part having fine elongate hairs branching from an axis on each side.
For example:  a plumose spine, a plumose leaf; the pappus of some Asteraceae, or body hairs with hair-like branches..





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