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(1) Fibrous root   [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A fibrous root is a fine, root or rootlet which absorbs moisture and nutrients from the soil.  

Fibrous roots are the most common type of roots.
(2) Fibrous root system     [ Botany ]
Synonym: Diffuse root system or Fasciculate root system
  A fibrous (Also diffuse or fasciculate) root system is a kind of root system in which both primary and lateral roots are finely divided and have approximately equal diameters, without evident thickening or an enlarged central root  
Most monocots have a fibrous root system consisting of an extensive mass of similarly sized roots. In these plants, the radicle is short lived and is replaced by a mass of adventitious roots which are roots that form an organs other than roots; for example the stem. ( For example,  the root of the grass )

(Compare with taproot)







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