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Filament  [ Botany  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms: Fibre
  In a general meaning a filament is any thread-like body or structure;

In flower anatomy: The filament is a part of the androecium,  the fine hair-like basal sterile portion of a stamen that holds the anther on top.


The filament is the  stalk upon which the anther sits; together, the filament and anther make up the stamen, which is the male reproductive organ (in the flower) of a plant.
It is a (usually) slender or thread-like structure that supports the anther (a typically bilobed sac containing the pollen grains) in position for pollen dispersal.
The stamens collectively are normally located between the central pistil (flower's female reproductive organ ) and the surrounding petals.



Copiapoa lauii
The flowers has characteristic long filaments.






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