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Synonyms: Shadow esposure 
  An environment that receives little direct sunlight, usually less than 2 hours.  
"Full shade" describes  an environment with no direct sun exposure or receiving  little direct sun, usually less than 2 hours such as a ground among buildings or dense evergreen tree growth which often prevent anything but dappled light from reaching the ground.

Some plants are particular as to light required while others are more adaptable. Species that will tolerate only a few hours of morning sun in the summer, if that. These species will often tolerate considerable winter sun and generally do well planted so that they can take advantage of the annual shift in the sunís angle.

Sun exposure requirements that are appropriated fort mature plants, may not  been suitable for young seedlings and plants that donít receiving adequate care (water, fertilizer).

See also: Sun exposure, Full sun, Bright shade, Half shade, Filtered sun





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