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Genotype [ Biology - Genetics ]
Synonym: Genetic make up.
Adjective:  Genotypic
Adverb: Genotypically

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The genes of an organism. The inherited genetic code of an organism for a specific trait.  
  The genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism or set of DNA variants found at one or more loci in an individual, as characterized by its physical appearance or phenotype. The allelic composition of an individual. The external features -what scientists call phenotypes- are different. Most organism have a wide array of genetic trait (colour, shape etc.). However the interior profile, or genotype - the organization of the genes in the chromosomes- identifies each species. For a single trait on an autosome, an individual can be homozygous for the dominant trait, heterozygous, or homozygous for the recessive trait. (e.g. In a species the yellow flower (trait) is dominant, but yellow flowerd plants could have a genotype of either YY or Yy)
Genotype is a pattern of genetic information that is unique to an individual or group.

Compare with: Phenotype





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