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Graft chimaera  Horticulture ]
Synonym: Graft hybrids

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Graft chimaera (frequently called 'graft hybrids') are cellular hybrids between representatives of two or more named genera. They are a rare phenomenon arising exclusively in cultivation where two species, frequently of two distinct genera, are grafted together.  

+ Ortegopuntia cv. Percy  (graft-chimera)
The mingling of tissues belonging to the stock and scion through grafting in a nonsexual manner.  The chimaera come up as a branch or shoot from the point of union which contains tissues of both species, resulting in a arrangement of both species being expressed in the shoot. Such shoots can be vegetatively propagated and cultivated.
The formula for the graft-chimaeral nature of such a plants uses a
+ sign against the initial letter of the generic name and to connect the two "parent" species (not the multiplication sign X this show that they are not sexual hybrids). If intergeneric, graft-chimaeras can be given their own genus name (which is a combination of the two constituent generic names) preceded by a + sign. An example is:  + Ortegopuntia  (Ortegocactus macdougalii + Opuntia compressa). Graft chimaeras can be given cultivar names. The example above has been named +Ortegopuntia cv. Percy, They cannot be given species names





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