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Grass or Graminoid [ Botany ]
Adjective: Grassy

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Any member of the of the plant family  Poaceae (Gramineae) having characteristic narrow leaves with parallel veins, small flowers, and basically hollow stems with joints where the leaves are attached.  

Grasses are characterized by hollow or pithy jointed stems that are circular in cross section (culms), bladelike narrow leaves with parallel veins arranged on the culm in two ranks. The junction of the blade and sheath often bears an erect fringe of hairs (ligule) and sometimes also earlike projections (auricles). Flowers are borne in reduced spikes (spikelets) with seed-like fruit, such as corn and wheat and whit a fibrous root system.

The grasses or graminoids are flowering plants belonging to the Monocotyledons, where the forbs (plants other than grasses) usually belong to the Dicotyledons.

Grassy (Adjective)   
Synonym: Grass like
  1. Covered with grass
2. Looking, tasting, or feeling like grass





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