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Growth [ Biology - Physiology - Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  In biology the growth of an individual organism (or of an organ) is the progress from a lower, simpler, or embryonic to a higher or more complex form that conduct to a full development or maturity. Growth bring to an increase, in size, number, value, strength, or intensity.  

Plant growth

Plant growth is a phenomenon different from animal growth. Animals exhibit a growth pattern called determinate growth. (Most animals have a pre-programmed body form ( e.g. four legs, two eyes, one nose and so on) and quit growing after a certain age) Plants, however, exhibit a growth pattern called indeterminate growth
  • The plant retains areas where rapidly dividing, undifferentiated cells remain all through the life of the plant. These areas are called meristems
  • Plants do not have a pre-programmed body plan
  • Plants continue to grow throughout their life.

See also: Growing season

Growth [  Horticulture   ]
Emergence, Germination.
  The gradual beginning or coming forth "the growth of seedling"  
Growth [ Pathology  ]
  An abnormal proliferation of tissue (as in a tumor)  
Growth [ Biology - Ecology ]
  The increased population or colony of a culture of cells or microorganisms.  
Growth [ Biology - Ecology ]
Increase, Increment.
  A process of becoming more numerous or more important; "the growth of population"  
To grow [ Biology - Botany - Horticulture]





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