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Growth stage  [ Botany - Biology ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms: Stage of the development, Growth phase,
Physiological age, Phenological event, Phenological growth stages
  A distinct developmental stage in the life cycle of an organism that can be easily recognised.  
Plant growth stages:  Growth of a plant occurs in several levels (stages) of organization and determine the progress of a plant through the seasons. It has been helpful to divide plant growth into a series of stages even though many events overlap. Biologists have resorted to this reductionist approach, which allows simplified interpretations of what could otherwise be a continuous and complex series of events. Thus stages are not to be thought of as discrete and isolated steps, but as landmarks in a continuous developmental process; they are tools with which to analyze the subtle differences in plant growth. Timing of these growth stages varies depending upon environmental factors, such as elevation and temperature, soil type, availability of moisture, cultivar selected, and geographic location.

There is not an universal uniform coding of phenologically similar growth stages of all flowering plants. But as a general rule we must identify four principal stages:
  1. Vegetative growth
  2. Reproductive growth
  3. Senescence
  4. Dormancy
A. Vegetative growth
  • Germination
  • Main shoot growth (comprising Leaf production, Rosette growth or Stem elongation)
  • Formation of axillary shoots (refers to the development of side shoots and occurs in many plant species)
B. Reproductive growth
  • Inflorescence Emergence
  • Flowering
  • Development of seed
  • Fruit formation
  • Ripening
C. Senescence
  • is defined as the processes that occur near the end of a plant's active life. Conducing to the plant death and collapsing
D. Dormancy
  • is defined as a suspension of physiological activity that can be reactivated once it is broken




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