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Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms: Originary, Native
  Refers to those species occurring naturally in a particular area; also termed native and therefore not introduced by humans either accidentally or intentionally.  
Any organism characteristic of or existing by virtue of geographic origin,  born, living or growing historically in a particular place or region from the beginning that occurs at least partly in natural habitats. In this context, a species which has lived in a particular region for thousands of years, such that it has co-evolved with its associates (animals, other plants, fungi, and bacteria).

It is not enough for the plant to have reproduced in the area for a few generations unaided by human beings; the indigenous (native)  are those that has not been newly introduced by humans into an ecosystem.
Sometimes new species are introduced , accidentally or otherwise, by humans to a place from other countries. These new species are called naturalized "invaders" or "non-natives."





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