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Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms: Living organism, Being, Body, Creature, Mortal.
Abbreviation: Indiv.

  A single plant or animal; an organism which is separate and distinct from others of the same kind.  
The word individual, while sometimes meaning "a single autonomous organism or person", more generally describes any numerically singular or particular thing or quality (e.g.: An individual petal, an individual reddening of a leaf , an individual grafting technique, etc)


Function: adjective
1  SPECIAL  ( especial, particular, specific )
2  CHARACTERISTIC (diacritic, diagnostic, distinctive, idiosyncratic, peculiar, proper)

Function: noun
1  ENTITY (being, existence, existent, something, thing)
2  THING (being, entity, material, matter, object, stuff, substance )
LIVING ORGANISM (organism, being, body, creature, mortal)





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