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Intergeneric (hybrid) [ Biology - Genetics - Taxonomy ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A hybrid between members of two or more genera.  

x Ferobergia
(Intergeneric hybrid between Freocactus and Leuctembergia)

Hybrids derived from crossing two species, each of a different genus. A viable example is x Ferobergia, a hybrid between two cacti of the genus Ferocactus and of the genus Leuchtembergia.
The more distant the relation between the two genera, the greater the difficulty of intergeneric hybridisation. Genera that generate intergeneric hybrid are always genetically related members of the same taxonomic Tribe . Many intergeneric hybrids are infertile.

The intergeneric hybridization (Cross breeding) is widely used for the creation of new type of plants and cultivars using different species (or hybrids) from two or more different genera.

NOTE: Intergeneric hybrids should not be confused with chimaeras.






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