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Light frost  Horticulture  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A frost where the air has dropped below freezing but the ground has not, noticeable by the white hoarfrost on surface objects and vegetation. Many plants can survive a light frost but cannot survive a hard frost.  
A light frost (down to -2C) forms a thin and more or less patchy deposit of hoarfrost on lawn and vegetation in the night and morning.
Tender plants are killed by a light frost, but subtropical plants can take more cold than tropical plants, sometimes even a light frost.
It is possible to protect plants from a light frost by covering the plants with cloth, plastic, newspaper, straw or evergreen boughs before the frost occurs. Boxes and inverted pails can also be used. In temperate zone several light frost generally precede what is termed the first hard killing frost of the season. Frosts on opening buds can wipe out the entire blossoming.





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