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Lobe  [ Botany ]
Adjective: lobed

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Usually a rounded segment or portion of an organ, hence lobed means bearing lobe(s) or whit the shape of a lobe.  
(1) Lobe (leaf) [ Botany ]
A leaf lobe is a partial rounded portion of a leaf margin, separated from the whole by a more or less deeply indentation (sinus) that does not break the continuity of the structure (deeper than the ones it may have if it is toothed (serrate) but less than halfway to the midrib) Lobes only at the base of the leaf do not count.


Lobe vs. tooth: It is not clear what is the difference between teeth and lobes; a general but not exhaustive definition is: Lobes are marginal indentations that reach or more of the distance to the midvein, measured parallel to the axis of symmetry of the lobe, tooth are less than .

(2) Lobe (flower)  [ Botany ]

  A flowers lobe is a petal divided by more or less deeply cuts (sinus) that does not break the continuity of the structure and opening into petal-like segments.  





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