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Mature- Maturity - Maturation    [ Biology ]
Synonym: Adult - Adulthood
Transitive and intransitive verb: To mature  (past matured, past participle matured, present participle maturing, 3rd person present singular matures)

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The maturity is the stage of development in which an organism has reached the age for reproduction or adulthood age

In biology the term mature describe a plant or animal having general characteristics that do not change with continued age and will not gain any additional complexity with further aging and is ready to reproduce. 
For a more detailed explanation see: Sexual maturity
  2) The maturity is also  the stage of development in which an organ, structure or cell has reached a full natural growth or development; "a mature cell" a mature seed etc.  
  3) In Botany the term mature describe a fully developed fruit, that has reached a ripe condition.

or maturation is a process in fruit that causes them to become more edible. In general, fruits get sweeter, less acidic, less green and softer as they ripen. 
After a process known as pollination the petals of the flower fall off , the ovary begins to expand and the ovule begins to develops into a seed. The ovary eventually comes to form, along with other parts of the flower in many cases, a structure surrounding the seed or seeds that is the fruit.
For a more detailed explanation see: Ripen





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