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Node or joint    [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A node is the points on a stem from which one or more leaves, bud, shoots, or flowers originate. The word "joint" means the same.  
In contrast, the portion of stem that lies between two successive nodes or joints is called internode. When taking cuttings, roots form most readily from this point as the node correspond to an area of active cells that will induce rooting when are exposed.
Node   [ Cladistics - Taxonomy ]
  A branching point in a phylogenetic tree, representing the (presumed) common ancestor of the lineages descending from this branching point.  

A node is the the branching points or vertex on on a phylogenetic tree (cladogram) which is supported by synapomorphies, a node is commonly used to represent the split of one lineage to form two or more lineages (internal node) or the lineage at the present time (terminal node).

Node-based Clade: A clade originating from a particular node on a phylogenetic tree; a clade encompassing a particular node on a phylogenetic tree and all branches (internodes) and nodes descended from that node; a clade whose name is defined using a node-based definition.






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