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Oblong  [ Botany  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  About twice as long as wide, with nearly parallel sides for much of the length usually rounded near the ends.  


A plane figure or a three-dimensional body longer than wide, having the shape of or resembling a rectangle or ellipse, deviating from a square (or cube) circle (or sphere) by being elongated (stretched) in one direction with opposite sides (roughly) parallel;


An oblong fruit


In botany the term oblong describes the condition where the shape of a leaf or leaflet is widest for a good length of the leaf along the middle, where both sides of the leaf are roughly parallel for a majority of the leaf blade and rounded at the ends.

Also used to describe other elongated plant structure like succulent stems, fruit etc.

An oblong cactus Mammillaria eryacantha






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