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(1)  Offset or Offshoot   [ Botany ]
Adjective: Offsetting
Synonym: Pup, Proliferation.

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  An offset or offshoot is new shoot, branch or stem or a whole young rooted plant produced by the main stem of the parent , usually starting from an axillary-bud  at the plant base or from a rhizome or tuber.  
The offset remains connected to the main plant but easily fall off and, taking root and continuing to grow as an individual new plant.
Offshoot are common source for vegetative propagation of plants. (e.g. Echinopsis)
(2)  Offsetting habit     [ Habit of growth - Morphology ]

Mammillaria luethyi

  An offsetting   habit is a vegetative features that describe a  plant  forming offsets,  shoot, branch or stem and eventually an open clumps or groups of shoots.  
Compare with: Solitary habit, Clumping habit

Left: a stem with basal offsets of  Mammillaria luethyi

(3)  Offset or Offshoot    [ Botany ]
  A small bulb at the base of a mother bulb.  
(4)  To offset or To offshoot (verb.)  [ Botany ]
  To produce offsets.  




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