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Phenology  [ Botany - Physiology ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The study or recording of the seasonal timing of life cycle and of periodic natural phenomena (changes in plants and animals) such as, bud bursting, Blossoming and fruiting of plants and migration of birds.  

Phenology (the nature’s “clocks and calendars”)  is specifically used in botany and physiology to describe the timing of biological activity of plants functions over the course of a year, particularly in relation to climate and abiotic factors (eg. seasonal changes of temperatures  and photoperiod), such as fruiting, seeds maturation, germination, reproduction, senescence, dormancy. Flowering phenology is particularly important because it determines reproductive synchrony with potential mates

Phenological events are stages of plant growth. Growth stages may be defined by stage of physiological development such as germination, first true leaf etc.
Also, off-cycle phenology.





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