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(1) Pubescence   [ Botany ]
Adjective: Pubescent

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A pubescence is fine covering of down or soft short hair, as on the surface of a leaf and other part of a plant  

The state of being pubescent of having such a covering.

Disambiguation: The term pubescence  is also used - in a more general meaning - to indicate collectively all the fine outgrowths or appendages on plantís epidermis. Compare with: hairiness or  trichomes
Pubescent    [ Botany ]
A surface feature that can be found on many organs of a plant. Pubescent means somewhat covered with pubescence, or short, dense, soft downy hairs  on the surface.

Juvenile pubescent spines of Sclerocactus spinosior var blainei
Pubescent spines of
Sclerocactus spinosior ssp. blainei

For example a  peach, a leave of the African Violet or a spine of  Sclerocactus spinosior ssp. blainei

See: Surface features





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