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Root prone  [ Horticulture  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms: Susceptible to root rot, Sensitive to root rot
  Of a plant which is sensitive to root rot infection.  
Root prone plants are plants that are sensitive to root rot  infection due to bacterial or fungal pathogens.  The problem is  particularly serious if the rhizosphere is kept too wet, especially in cold weather. The Root-sensitivity varies in different species and is particularly serious in drought lovers plants, such as many cacti and succulent, especially during the rainy season, in waterlogged substrates and in poor draining terrain where the excess of water removes much of the oxygen and creates a favourable condition for root rot fungal pathogens such as Phytophthora,  Phytium and bacterial infections
Root prone plants needs very good drainage and are sometimes grafted to eliminate this problem. Another option for protecting root sensitive species grown in areas where winter temperatures are low is the concept of ‘minimum heat’. In this system some type of heat is employed to keep the soil temperature at a minimum temperature.

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