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Seedling  [ Botany - Horticulture ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A juvenile plant grown from a seed.  
A seedling is young plant just after germination, and represents the next growth phase of the leaves after the cotyledons. The term seedling is also used more loosely to indicate any baby plant formed from a seed rather than from a sprout, cutting or other forms of vegetative propagation, which has not yet attained flowering size. A nursery grown plant which has not been lifted and replanted in the nursery (see transplant). A seedling may be several years old before it flowers.
In forestry the term usually used to refer to young trees grown from seed, from germination ( the stage where they have just emerged from the soil) to the sapling stage (young tree with single unbranched stem)

Left: A dicotyledonous seedling





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