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(1) Stigma (plural stigmata)   [ Botany ]
Adjective stigmatic

  Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  In botany the stigma is the receptive surface or structure of the pistil  (female reproductive Part of a flower) that receives the pollen grains during fertilization.  
Echinocereus reichembachii stigma, stylus and stamens The stigma is normally supported on the tip of the style which leads to the ovary, a single style may bear more than one stigma.

In the Cactaceae family the style old up multiple stigmas lobes typically 3-20.

Left: Echinocereus reichembachii Stigma (green) and stylus (white)
(2) Stigma [ Biology ]
  In biology a stigma is small mark, scar, scale, spot, or spiracle on a surface of an organ.  




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