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Vegetative offspring   [ Botany ]
Synonym: Clone

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A vegetative offspring is the descendant of individual organism that originates from mitotic, rather than meiotic, cell lineages. A clone.  
Many animals,  plants and fungi, produce vegetative offspring, i.e. descendant individuals that originate from mitotic, rather than meiotic, cell lineages. (e.g. Bacteria normally reproduce by division to generate vegetative offspring)

Several plant species reproduce both sexually (by means of seeds) and vegetatively (by means of vegetative offsprings) the advantage of plants vegetative (clonal) offspring is that they stay in the same habitat as the parent ramet, the resources they encounter are more predictable than those experienced by widely dispersing seeds. In addition, clonal offspring may remain connected with a parent, leaving open the possibility for continued translocation. Vegetative offspring is less costly in terms of energy for the parent plant, largely because the ramets contribute to their own production and are able to survive individually

Compare with: Offspring






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