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  Lithops julii "fuscus" (fuscous form)


Description: Lithops julii is a  stemless small to medium sized cone-shaped pair of leaves that are separated by a 5-10 mm deep fissure with (usually) conjunct lobes. It is usually whitish-grey to dark grey but very variable in colour, some specimens being opaque whitish-grey and almost uniform in colour, others opaque but strongly reticulated with fine impressed brown markings, yet others with largely open obscurely transluscent windows. The profile is truncate, the tops are flat to slightly convex. Face slightly reniform.
Flowers: It produces a single white daisy-like flower emerges from the fissure and is as large as the pair of fleshy leaves below.
Blooming season: From mid-summer through fall
Fruit: Seed capsules-loculetd.
Seeds: Yellow-brown to light yellow-brown

Recognized subspecies, varieties and forms:
  • subsp. julii (Dint. & Schwant.) N.E. Br. 1925 - Cole numbers: C063, C064, C183, C297, C349 (chrysocephala) C205; (littlewoodii) C218.
    The more distinctive feature of this plant is a brown 'lip-smear' along the inner margins. The lip-smear occurs occasionally as a narrow edging or lining all along the outer margins. The windows are more or less occluded with irregular broad and distinct channels, often obscure or reduced to a network of narrow, grooves. The channels have often a very variable network of rubrications and lines. Islands are large more or less distinct against the background of opaque channels. Shoulders, margins and islands are whitish grey, sometimes tinged with blue, mauve or pink. Windows and channels are grey-white with some blue, mauve, pink, beige or brown or slightly translucent greenish grey, greenish or yellowish brown. Margins rather obscure irregularly dentate or sinuate, with a number of peninsulas.
    Three main forms have been proposed and were even given varietal status (“
    pallid”, “reticulated” and “fuscous”) but wild populations tend to have at least two and many have all three of this forms variously intermingled . Distribution: Namibia

  • subsp. fulleri (N.E. Br) B. Fearn 1927 - Cole numbers: C024, C056, C062, C121, C122, C161, C162A, C171, C203, C230B, C259, C319, C323, C378
    This is an extremely variable subspecies in colour, pattern and rubrication. Face somewhat unequal, margins distinct irregularly dentate, sometimes sinuate with quite large peninsulas; both inner and outer margins usually edged with a brown lining. Windows distinct occasionally reduced to a network of narrow grooves. Channels slightly impressed. Islands regular in shape more or less large; usually distinct. Rubrications appear in the marginal indentations, as a series of marks. Shoulders, margins and islands light grey, often tinged with pink, yellow, blue or green, or beige. Windows and channels milky blue, pale pinkish, greenish or yellowish grey, or mauve, pink or rust-brown; often with a brown or dark greenish-brown smear thinly lining both inner and outer margins.

  • subsp. fulleri var. brunnea H.W. de Boer 1962 - Cole number: C179
    Very similar to var. fulleri, but browner in colour. Colours: Shoulders, margins and islands pale creamy, pinkish or bluish grey, or beige. Windows and channels greyish, reddish or greenish brown, or grey. Rubrications red.

  • subsp. fulleri var. rouxii (H.W. de Boer) D.T. Cole 1964 - Cole numbers: C215, C216, C217, C324
    Strictly related to var. fulleri, but marked with stitch-like marginal rubrications. Margins with irregular indentations,and a distinctive series of dark rubrications which resemble stitches.


  • subsp. julii cv. 'Peppermint Crème' 1999 Cole number: C297A
    Very distictive blue-green form derived from only one specimen collected by Leslie Pretorius in 1983 in Namibia. Margins and islands very pale milky bluish green and shoulders a little lighter than the margins. Lip-smears pale brownish green. Channels opaque pale milky bluish grey.

  • subsp. fulleri var. fulleri cv. 'Fullergreen' 1988 Cole number: C056A.
    Shoulders, margins and islands light creamy greenish grey, margins edged with a light brownish-green, especially in the indentations. Windows and channels opaque greyish blue-green. Rubrications obscure dark red-brown.


  • COLE, DESMOND T. and NAUREEN A., (2005) Lithops Flowering Stones, Cactus&Co. Libri.


Family:  Mesebrianthemaceae (Aizoaceae)

Scientific name:  Lithops julii  (Dinter & Schawnt.) N.E. Br.
"fuscus" (fuscous form)

Origin:  Namibia

Etymology: "fuscus" means "dusky - brown" (Latin), referring to the predominant body colour.




Photo of conspecific taxa, varieties, forms and cultivars of Lithops julii.




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This old page has been moved! Click the link next on the right to enter the new Enciclopedia of Succulents. We hope you find this new site informative and useful.

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